Thursday, February 10, 2011

Why This Blog?

Who could possibly be interested in reading words written by a woman who has been dead for more than one hundred years? Actually, I believe there are many people who, for more than a century, have indeed been interested in not just her words, but her life. In fact, I think there are those, not a few, whose lives have been enriched and touched by God because of this one woman's godly character reflected in all that she has written.

But even if there were not others, I want to start this blog for me. My life has been so impacted by what I have read from the pen of Mrs. Prentiss, that whatever time and effort I put here can only do what her writings have always done--lift my heart heavenward. Now, what can be better than that? ~ mr

Note: Italicized words are mine; Otherwise, they are the words of Mrs. Prentiss. Usually (but not always) the work will be cited or the journal/letter date. ~ mr


  1. Looking forward dear sister in Christ to reading more. It is always a blessing and a pleasure to be encouraged and challenged by other believers in Christ both in the present and in the past. May Jesus Christ be praised!

  2. Thanks, Susan. Indeed, may Jesus be praised.