Friday, January 27, 2012

Disappointed by Wellness

"Now, contrary to my hopes and expectations, I find myself almost well again. At first, having got my heart set toward heaven and after fancying myself almost there, I felt disappointed to find its gates still shut against me.

But God was very good to me and taught me to yield in this point to His wiser and better will; He made me, as far as I know, as peaceful in the prospect of living as joyful in the prospect of dying. Heaven did, indeed, look very attractive when I thought myself so near it; I pictured myself as no longer a sinner but a blood-washed saint; I thought I shall soon see Him whom my soul loveth, and see Him as He is; I shall never wound, never grieve Him again, and all my companions will be they who worship Him and adore Him. But not yet am I there! Alas, not yet a saint! My soul is oppressed, now that health is returning, to find old habits of sin returning too, and this monster Self usurping God's place, as of old, and pride and love of ease and all the infirmities of the flesh thick upon me."
~Journal entry, May 24, 1857.

[Very similar to one of Katy's entries in Stepping Heavenward. Another reason why some are suspicious that this beloved book is also something of an autobiography. ]

Monday, January 16, 2012

Susy's Teacher Mr. Pain

Then Mr. Pain took up his book. It had a black cover, but the leaves were gilt-edged, and the cover was spangled with stars.

"I have punished Susy a great many times," said Mr. Pain. "Sometimes I slapped her with my hand. Sometimes I struck her with my rod. Sometimes I made her sick. But I never did any of these things because I was angry with her or liked to hurt her. I only came when Mrs. Love called me."

"You have taught her excellent lessons," said Susy's papa. "If it had not been for you she would be growing up disobedient and selfish. You may stay six years longer."

Then Mr. Pain made a low bow, and said he was thinking of going away, and sending his brother, Mr. Sorrow, and his sister, Mrs. Disappointment, to take his place.

"Oh, no!" cried Susy's mamma. "Not yet! not yet! Susy is still so little!"

Then Mr. Pain said he would stay without a rod, as Susy was now too old to be whipped.

~ From "Little Susy"s Six Teachers,"

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Susy's Teacher Mrs. Love

"Susy will be six years old to-morrow," said her papa. "You have all been teaching her ever since she was born. We will now listen to your reports and hear what you have taught her, and whether you have done her any good."

They were all silent, but everybody looked at Mrs. Love as much as to say she should begin. Mrs. Love took out a little book with a sky-blue cover and began to read. She was so modest that she had not written much in it, but this is what she read:

"I have not done much for Susy, but love her dearly. And I have not taught her much but to love everybody. When she was a baby I tried to teach her to smile, but I don't think I could have taught her if Miss Joy had not helped me. And when she was sick I was always sorry for her, and tried to comfort her."

"You have done her a great deal of good," said Susy's papa, "We will engage you to stay six years longer, should God spare her life."

~From Little Susy's Six Teachers

[Susy had six teachers, Mrs. Love, Mr. Pain, Miss Joy, Mr. Ought, Aunt Patience, and little angel Faith. We'll be reading each of their reports to Susy's papa.]