Elizabeth Payson Prentiss was born in 1818 in Portland, Maine, where her father, Edward Payson, was pastor of the Second Congregational Church. She was one of eight children born to Edward and his wife, Louisa. Her father had been frail most of his life, and Elizabeth also was physically weak. There were times she was almost an invalid and she was seldom without pain.

When Elizabeth was twenty-one years old she began to realize her need for a Savior and gave herself to Him wholly after hearing a sermon on Christ's ability to "save unto the uttermost." She began then to have a peace she had never known before.

In 1845, she married George L. Prentiss, a Presbyterian pastor. She knew joy and sorrow during her years as a wife and mother. Two of her six children died within a short period of time. These tragedies were hard on Elizabeth and there were times that it was hard for her to cope. She had begun writing poems at a younger age and her compositions brought her comfort. She also wrote many books, some for children. She is best known for her hymn, "More Love to Thee," and her book Stepping Heavenward.

On August 13, 1878, Elizabeth Prentiss went home to be with her Lord, leaving behind many writings which would bless generations to come.

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