Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Blest Child

Blest child! dear child! For thee is Jesus calling;
And of our household thee--and only thee!
Oh, hasten hence! to His embraces hasten!
Sweet shall thy rest and safe thy shelter be.

Thou who unguarded ne'er hast left our threshold,
Alone must venture now an unknown way;
Yet, fear not! Footprints of an Infant Holy
Lie on thy path. Thou canst not go astray.

~ lines entitled To My Dying Eddy, January 16th. (Her little son Eddy passed away January 16, 1852.)

Note: Yesterday, a couple from our church, parents of four other children, received news that their unborn child was lifeless in the womb. The pregnancy was well along. Please remember the R. family in prayer. ~ mr


  1. As my heart grieves for the family you wrote about, Maxine, losing their unborn child, I can only imagine the grief that enfolds them. Yet, here we read of Elizabeth's beautiful words as her son lay dying ~ words of trusting him into Jesus' precious hands. I will pray for the R. family and my heart goes out to them and their children.

  2. Thanks for the prayers, Laurie. They really do need them. Tomorrow this dear mom has to go into the hospital for them to take the baby.

  3. I love your blog! I have ready almost all of Elizabeth Prentiss' books, and her writings have shaped my life considerably. I'm thankful that other women have discovered this Godly woman's writings! She was truly a faithful woman of God, and deserves to be studied by the women of today.

    May God comfort this grieving family today.

  4. Thank you, Vanessa, and thanks for coming by. I see you are our newest follower; I hope you enjoy coming by from time to time. I too loved your blog and have bookmarked it. Hope to go over for visits when I can--you're doing a beautiful job there.

    Thanks for liking us at Facebook as well!