Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Mrs. Campbell's Summons

"This had been a Sunday to be held in long remembrance. We were summoned early this morning to Mrs. Campbell and have seen her joyful release from the fetters that have bound her so long. Her loss to me is irreparable. But I can truly thank God that one more 'tired traveler' has had a sweet 'welcome home.' I can minister no longer to her bodily wants and listen to her councils no more, but she has entered as an inspiration into my life, and through all eternity I shall bless God that He gave me that faithful, praying friend." ~ Katy, Stepping Heavenward, May 13,[1852] entry. 

[Oh to have a Mrs. Campbell in our lives. On a personal note, Mrs. Campbell, though fictional, was a great blessing in my life. ~ mr]

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