Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Only Jesus

Jesus, Jesus, only Jesus,
Shall become my wish and aim;
Now I make a sacred promise
That our wills shall be the same;
For my heart in sweet accord,
Cries, "Thy will be done," dear Lord.

There is One whom I am loving,
Loving early, loving late;
He o me my all has given,
All to Him I consecrate,
Thou Thy blood on me hast poured,
Let Thy will be done, dear Lord!

If what seems to be a blessing
Is not chosen, planned by Thee,
Oh deprive me of it, rather
Give me what is good for me;
Still Thy name shall be adored,
Where Thy will despoils me, Lord!

Let Thy will be done within me,
Through me, by me, ever done,
Done in life, in joy, in sorrow,
Till the victory is won,
Dying be in me restored,
When, how, where Thou wilt, dear Lord!

~ From Golden Hours: Heart-Hymns of the Christian Life

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