Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Six Little Feet

Do you miss the hearing little feet pattering round the house? It seems to me that the sound of my six little feet is the very pleasantest sound in the world. Often when I lie in bed racked with pain and exhausted from want of food--for my digestive organs seem paralysed when I have neuralgia--hearing these little darlings about the house compensates for everything, and I am inexpressibly happy in the the mere sense of possession. ~ from a letter written to sister-in-law on Jan. 15, 1864.

[It was good she recognized and appreciated it while they were there. So many of us don't really appreciate it until they have grown and gone away. ~ mr]


  1. Her focus on what is important and beautiful in God's eyes, the children whose feet she heard, is what brought her great strength in the Lord. He, no doubt, was with her to comfort her in her pain, and in His love He gave her the gift of love through this joyous sound. Amen!