Wednesday, April 20, 2011

I Wonder Why

… These were among his last thoughts before he went to sleep that night, and this accounted, he fancied, for the fact that her image, sweet and fresh, came to him with his first waking ones next day. But why she should go wherever he went, why she should flit in and out of his office was not so obvious. He laughed at himself, said it would pass in a day or two, and entered into his usual pursuits with unusual ardor.

“I have got off the business track,” he thought, “by absence from it; and my brain is confused by the journey yesterday.” But when he was riding up town after his day’s work was over, she came into the stage, too, and when he sat down to dinner, she sat down by his side. Oh, Maggie, how could you? He tried to shake her off in vain, and as he knew Aunt Jane would be expecting him in the evening, he set forth for her house, and our Maggie went with him… ~ From Aunt Jane’s Hero, E. Prentiss

[Horace had just met this young lady Maggie the day before on the train. What on earth was going on? Why would he be thinking about her nonstop like that? I wonder why he couldn’t get her out of his mind? I know why. God had put her there as a part of His plan for these two people. Let’s just say that it was His intention that they end up together, and this was one of the ways He was accomplishing His purposes. ~ mr]

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