Saturday, May 25, 2013


So war came to our hero, or should we say he went to war, and it made him a hero and better man indeed. . .

"'Captain Wheeler of the New York 82d, missing.' She had not heard of Horace's promotion, and at first hoped this might not be he. But a little reflection showed her that it was. She felt sick and faint for a moment, for what horrors might not this word "Missing" conceal? And then she began to pray for him mightily--no other word can do justice to the strength with which this woman laid hold on the Divine promises. She asked that if he lay wounded and over-looked upon the battle field, aid might speedily be sent him; if taken captive that he might be rescued, and spared the wasting terrors of imprisonment. And then she waited patiently to see what God would Do, and this is what she afterwards heard He did." ~ from Aunt Jane's Hero

[To find out what God did, you have to read the book, of course. This part is written here in honor of those soldiers who have given themselves for our protection and the well being of our nation down through the years. May we keep them always in prayer ~mr]

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