Monday, February 11, 2013

Two Other Sisters

There were two contemporaries of Mrs. Prentiss, both women who loved Christ and loved to write about Him, both who touched the hearts of many as she did. Frances Havergal and Fanny Crosby never met, but each was an admirer of the other. I ran across a lovely verse that Miss Havergal wrote in a letter to her "blind sister over the sea." It's so beautiful and seemed very appropriate to copy here, on this blog dedicated to another woman of their era who was so like them:

Dear blind sister over the sea--
An English heart goes forth to thee.
We are linked by a cable of faith and song,
Flashing bright sympathy swift along
One in the East and one in the West,
Singing for Him whom our souls love best.
Singing for Jesus! Telling His love
All the way to our home above,
Where the severing sea, with its restless tide
Never shall hinder and never divide.
Sister, what shall our meeting soon be
When our hearts shall sing and our eyes shall see?

[How sweet is this? Surely it touches your heart as it does mine. ~ mr]

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