Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Poor Amelia

 "I had made up my mind to it, and I know it must come. I want to see Dr. Cabot. Do you think he would be willing to visit me after my neglecting him so?"
"I am sure he would," I cried.
"I want to ask him if he thinks I was a Christian at that time--you know when. If I was, then I need not be so afraid to die."
"But, dear Amelia, what he thinks is very little to the purpose. The question is not whether you ever gave yourself to God, but whether you are His now. But I ought not to talk to you. Dr. Cabot will know just what to say."
"No, but I want to know what you thought about it."
I felt distressed, as I looked at her wasted dying figure, to be called on to help decide such a question. But I knew what I ought to say and said it:
"Don't look back to the past; it is useless. Give yourself to Christ now."
She shook her head.
"I don't know how," she said. "Oh, Katy, pray to God to let me live long enough to get ready to die. I have led a worldly life. I shudder at the bare though of dying; I must have time."
"Don't wait for time," I said with tears. "Get ready now, this minute. A thousand years would not make you more fit to die."

[~ from Katy's January 20, 1843 entry. It is good she knew what she ought to say to the dying Amelia. I hope each of us will know what to say to any Amelia who may be at death's door or even before such a time.~mr]


  1. It's interesting. This blog entry is very timely, firstly the name obviously caught my eye. : )

    But today we were at the nursing home, and thank the Lord we knew those all important words to say and share with the precious residents. There is one especially, his name is Howard. Howard is not doing well, I noticed hospice cards sitting on his nightstand... I spoke with him about the thief on the cross as he seemed to be having a hard time with what we were saying. It's hard to know where people are sometimes, Michelle has brought him a Bible before, he has gone to church but who knows. Please pray for Howard and others who I whispered the name of Jesus to today.

    Hope all is well dear friend! xxoo ~Amelia

  2. Oh, hon. Great to hear from you and YES this particular entry would catch your eye, wouldn't it?

    Indeed I will pray for this one who is nearing the end of his earthly journey. So glad the Lord gave you timely words...