Monday, February 6, 2012

Susy's Teacher Miss Joy

Then Miss Joy took up her book with its rainbow covers, and tried to read. But she laughed so heartily all the time, and her leaves kept flying out of her hands at such a rate that it was not possible to understand what she was saying.

It was all about clapping hands, and running races, and picking flowers, and having a good time. Everybody laughed just because she laughed, and Susy's papa could hardly keep his face grave long enough to say: "You have done more good than tongue can tell. You have made her just such a merry, happy, laughing little creature as I wanted her to be. You must certainly stay six years longer."

[Well, we certainly all need a Miss Joy in our lives, and certainly children do. But also we know, of course, that she can not be expected to be the only teacher our children will have. ~ mr]

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