Tuesday, September 20, 2011

A Shadow Then Illumination

"I know that I, a poor girl, married a poor man," returned Aunt Jane. "And he took me to a home in which his love was my sole luxury, and mine my only refining influence. And how gladly I would go back with him this day, leaving behind me all that his long years of labor have won for me, into that homely home, if I might but go there with him in poverty instead of weeping for him amid this wealth. Oh! men make such mistakes! such fearful remediless mistakes!They sacrifice the lives on which other lives hang under the delusion that when they are gone money can satisfy the aching, empty hearts they leave behind them."

This was the first time she had ever made the slightest allusion to a sorrow that had cast first a great shadow and then a great illumination upon her life. An illumination; for a shadow implies a sun. ~ From Aunt Jane's Hero,


  1. OOoooooh Maxine... This is so good.

    "...a great illumniation; for a shadow implies a sun."

    Loved the whole thing. Really neat..

    xxxooo ~Amelia

  2. I know, Amelia. Isn't it. Kisses, Maxine

  3. Hi Maxine. Thank you for your blog. I have just read Stepping Heavenward. What a blessing this book is. I want to share it with everyone ;-) I am now reading Aunt Jane's Hero. I really love this author and only wish had discovered her earlier.

  4. Thanks for the comment Homeschool Mom! It was so nice hearing from you and aren't these books just wonderful? Thanks again for taking the time to write!