Monday, August 15, 2011

Life's Promises

Oh human life, thy promises are sweet,
They fall upon the ear
In cadence charming and their tones repeat
In accents clear.

But dost thou keep thy promise? Can I trust
Thy silvery voice,
Will it awaken echo-tones that must
Bid me rejoice?

Ah no! one voice alone my soul hath heard
That ne'er deceived,
One Heart alone the depths of mine has stirred,
Yet never grieved.

Jesus I turn to thee! Oh let me hid
Within thy breast,
Refuge and shelter, peace and grace provide,
And needed rest.

For in the mazes of a troublous hour
I make my way;
Oh come to me, Thou hast the will, the power,
Be mine alway!

~ From Golden Hours, Heart-Hymns of the Christian Life

1 comment:

  1. I find such comfort in knowing that our Lord keeps all of His promises, and this post reminds me of the great comfort and peace that comes knowing this. Wonderful, Maxine!