Monday, March 7, 2011

Self-Forgetting Spirit

I am ashamed of myself, of late, that these subjects of love and matrimony find a place in my thoughts which I never have been in the habit of giving them, but people here talk of little else and I am borne on with the current. I think that to give happiness in married life a woman should possess oceans of self-sacrificing love and I, for one, haven't half of that self-forgetting spirit which I think essential. ~ excerpt from letter to Anna S. Prentiss, April 24, 1843

[ How many of us would attest to a lack in this area? A need for prayer, yes?]


  1. Thanks for choosing this piece from one of her letters, Maxine. This is a daily challenge for me and, as you said, a need for prayer to grow in that kind of self-sacrificing love that is spoken of in Philippians 2. Oh to be able to serve our husbands and families with this kind of a spirit!

  2. Nice to hear from you, Karen. This is certainly a need we all can identify with, and can only be accomplished with God's grace.